Friday, January 3, 2014

Baby Carriers

I’ve been going through a season of experimenting with my sewing and finding is so enjoyable and rewarding!  Once our son Mathis was born, I took to baby wearing since I was heavily outnumbered with three kids under five years old and Kindelynn herself was still a baby at only 16 months when he was born.  I didn’t realize the possibilities for carrying baby were endless.  My husband teases me that I have too many carriers of which I reply, “Honey, you can never have too many!  They are like a purse.  They have to fit the mood and circumstance you are in.”

My own handmade inspired Mei Tei design

The style of carrier I found that I liked best is the Mei Tei.  It is an Asian inspired carrier that combines the ease of a soft structured carrier, but adds the versatility of wrapping.  There are five different ways to wrap with it.  It is to die for!  Thus my love affair with making them began.  I dove head first into the wonderful world of baby wearing and started to make my own creations.  I even started to adapt and customize them for friends who had specific needs.  For example, I contoured the body of one and added a cinch waist so that she could face the baby outward or inward. 

Custom Cinch Waist and Contour Body
My most recent creation was a gift or a mommy whose son is very ill.  He needed something to get from doctors appointments and be worn around the house, as he is unable to walk.  We selected Superman fabric, because his parents have nicknamed him “Superman”.  I cut out and quilted patches with the “S” and the word “Superman” on the reverse of the hood.  This project taught me the options are endless for creating and customizing baby carriers to suit the needs of their wearers. 

I look forward to trying to create new styles and outfit mom’s one baby at a time with a carrier they can wear proudly!


Here is the link to Weston’s page if you would like to learn more about him and keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vintage Wedding Trends For Ring Bearers

Hello Readers,

Now that Summer has ended and we're now moving into the Fall & Winter seasons it's time to reflect on all the wonderful trends shown these past few months, especially wedding trends. This past summer a new look amongst weddings popped up, a classic and vintage approach was prominent and popular. We saw neutral colors being used over the traditonal bright and cheery tones, bridal party fashions were less matching, we saw more rustic and unique styles as a common choice. One of the most trendy styles was an industrial look, many couples went with a Circa 1920's, 30's, and 40's theme. Khaki, denim, and corduroy were top picks over the conventional fabrics. But something that was entirely new was the efforts being put into the ring bearer fashions.

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Bow ties, suspenders, news boy hats, and vests made many appearances. What was the most fun out of these trends was the numerous combinations. For example you could pair a bow tie with a news boy hat, or maybe just suspenders, or even a vest with a hat. The options were plenty! And with so many options every wedding was unique! These trends can also carry through into Fall and Winter weddings, since they can give a cozy and warm style. Averylee Kids offers every piece you need to help your ring bearer look especially festive and original. The fabric options and combinations are endless!

Happy Fall!